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Chase and Gabby McHargue

We have grown up at Calvary Hill. We have personally been through and served in many of the different ministries that Calvary Hill offers.  Because of this, the church has meant many different things to us over the years we have attended. At first, being kids, the church was something that gave a place to hang out with friends, and it was taught to us that it’s what Christians do.  Slowly though, we’ve begun to understand how important a community of believers is to a spiritual walk.  As well as how important it is to be involved in different out-reaches and ministries that the community pursues. Calvary Hill has always been a place where we know we will hear God’s word. The pastoral staff always look to the Bible and have never shied away from deep or complex theology.  If we ever have questions on topics, they have always been available for us to talk to.  This has helped tremendously in our own walks with the Lord. Because of this, we felt led to serve in the church whenever and in whatever capacity has been needed. Through our service, we have gotten to bless many of those who used to bless us.

Manny and Denise Solarzano

We love that CHBC is a Bible believing church, preaching the Word of God by 
expository teaching. The entire Bible is taught. Grateful for our church staff challenging and encouraging us to dig deeper into God’s word.
We are happy to have a diverse church family.  Come as you are, there is a place for everyone here. You will be welcomed and loved.

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Anthony and Angela Harper

I started attending Calvary Hill the summer before 7th grade and my life was completely changed by doing so. The Lord saved me, I made friends, found mentors, but more importantly I found family. Family that is there to pick you up when you’re down, set you straight when you waver, and help guide you back home when you’re lost. CHBC gave me so much and I in turn was given opportunities to give of myself. The church leadership made ways for me to serve in various areas such as children’s church, preteen and youth camps, and youth choir. 
Not only have I tremendously grown in my knowledge and love of the Lord but it’s where I met my husband. The church embraced us with open arms along with the birth or our beautiful daughter and our soon to be born son. They have truly made a safe loving place for us to grow as a family and for our family to bless the church. I want so desperately for our family to give back just how much we have been given. Like many people I have personally gone through so much heartache and so many trials in life but consistently and without pause my family church has been there to love and so compassion and understanding. We are truly blessed beyond measure to be apart of such a beautiful family

David and Shelby Adamson

There are hardly words to express what this church has meant to us over the years. The phrase, “If these walls could talk,” comes to mind. We have experienced everything from our wedding day, to the funeral of our first child, to the dedication of our second child here at this church. We have rejoiced, grieved, laughed, cried, danced, taught, thought, and loved at this church. Yet, the dearness of Calvary Hill is not found in its walls or halls. No; Calvary Hill’s value is found in its people and preaching. The members and staff of Calvary Hill are our family. They have been there with the love and grace of God through our happiest times and our darkest times. It is here that we have seen what loving God, loving your family, and loving people looks like in action. It is here that we have learned to live out these practices in our own lives. We have been accepted, challenged, and encouraged both through the pulpit and in fellowship with its members. 
We are not a perfect church. Its seats are filled with broken people. But at Calvary Hill, God is our treasure, and that is evidenced by the love of our people and the sound theology of the preaching. As iron sharpens iron, we uphold and strengthen one another as the body of Christ. It is a blessing and an honor to be a part of a church where Love and Truth are poured out with abandon.

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