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Refuge Student Ministries was started to be a safe-haven for students who can find a family of brothers and sisters in Christ, where they can feel accepted, loved and pushed forward in their faith.

We have regular weekly times where we get together. Wednesday night is our Refuge worship service, where we encounter God together in song and study of his Word. Sunday Mornings, we have Refuge Remix, which is a small group time to reaffirm our Wednesday night’s study, followed by our church’s congregational worship.

All of that is just what occurs on a weekly basis and that is not even to mention our quarterly fellowships, special Bible studies, camps, retreats, ect. We have been blessed by a loving supporting church with great parents and adult involvement which enables this ministry to thrive.

So if you are looking for a place where students will be loved, accepted, and have a blast,while at the same time hear truth, be challenged and pushed to see Christ as Supreme; then Refuge Student Ministries may be a great place for you to be a part of.


Sunday mornings at 9:30, our students gather together for fellowship and a review of the previous Wednesdays sermon. Led by college trained Bible teachers, our students are led through a series of questions challenging the students retaining of the information preached, comprehension of the theology shared and personal application for how the topic relates to their everyday lives. We believe discussing the same topic both Wednesdays and Sunday allows the students understand Scripture in a way that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

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