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The Outsiders Podcast is hosted by Pastor Neil Sandlin and Pastor Tyler Frantz; two white, Christian men having a conversation regarding race, justice and Jesus, and how to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus is saving people from every nation, tribe, and tongue and in order to live out the implications of the Gospel Christians should be racially reconciled to one another. And as we learn to value our differences and live in unity through Christ, others will see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven.

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Radiant:Stories is a podcast from the ladies ministry of our church. Each episode we explore God’s goodness and grace through the testimonies of ladies from Calvary Hill Baptist Church. By sharing our stories we get to point you to Jesus and deepen our community..

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The Mind Matters Podcast is hosted by Pastor Neil Sandlin and David Adamson. Neil and David have both struggled with their own mental health and have learned how important it is for Christians to take care of their minds. As you listen, you will be given a wealth of resources and tips to help you learn how to take your mental health seriously and love God with all of your mind.

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The teaching of God's Word has been of the utmost importance since the establishment of the Church and so it is today. This podcast is the public contribution of Calvary Hill Baptist Church to this long line of Biblical faithfulness and fidelity.

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