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Christians, by nature of no longer being of the world but still in it, have always faced difficult, troubling times. Jesus knew this would be the case and taught his followers that they would suffer as He did.

The Apostle Peter picks up this teaching when he wrote a letter to the church in order to encourage them in difficult times, to remind them who they were in Christ, and to implore them to live exemplar lives in the midst of unbelievers in order to be a good witness to the Gospel.

The genuine Christian life that Jesus and Peter spoke of cannot be lived by hiding out behind the walls of the church and trying to protect ourselves from the "wicked world". It is only when we will live out our faith in the fray that we truly make an impact for the Kingdom of God.

So join us Sundays at 10:45am as Pastor James and Pastor Neil work through 1 Peter to learn what it means to be the church in the wild.

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